#WriteFridays Exercise 15

As we head into this Memorial Day Weekend here in the States, I briefly toyed with the idea of centering this week’s theme around the holiday. However, I decided to go in a different direction, namely, providing a theme-neutral prompt and allowing you, the writer, to incorporate the theme of your choice.

Exercise 15: Diner cheeseburger deluxe. Mrs. Brune’s lasagna. Cheese and veggie omelet MRE. No, this isn’t my “To Eat” list, although I sure could go for some lasagna, now that I think about it. Rather, I can tell you a story about each one of these items, evoking a couple of memories along the way.

For this challenge, write a scene in which food plays a role. It could be major, it could be incidental. But share with us the story that your character will always remember when next they see, smell, and/or taste that food.

And stay away from the veggie omelet MREs!

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