#WriteFridays Exercise 16

For this week’s writing exercise, I decided to take some inspiration from the giveaway I’m currently running, and try something that explores elements of the plot, tossing characters about at the whims of chance. I find that, when I’m writing, I’m usually kind of a control freak about what’s going on … at least until I get into the flow and the momentum of the narrative and characters take over. (I realize this is a strange trait for a self-avowed pantser, but I’m starting to re-think that label.) I rarely think to consciously inject some sort of surprise – both to myself and the characters – that deliberately takes the action someplace neither I nor the characters expected. So, whether you are working on something in progress, or looking for a good starting place, here is something to help inject a moment of surprise direction…

Exercise 16: One or more of your characters (protagonist, antagonist, supporting cast member) wins a contest. What do they receive? Is the contest one they entered? Is it something they want to win? How does the win affect the direction of their lives? Sketch a scene, or more, that shows the aftermath of the contest announcement.

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