#WriteFridays Exercise 9

Usually when I sit down to come up with these writing exercises, I look back over the week and pinpoint one or two events or incidents that spur the creative juices. This week — was just too crazy. From attending a court hearing, to driving from New Jersey to North Carolina which meant literally driving from winter to spring and thinking all sorts of season-type thoughts, to preparing for the Holy Week celebration — there has just been a lot going on. So for this week, I have something little different in terms of a writing prompt.

Exercise 9: If you have a favorite meditation technique, feel free to use that. Otherwise, take a seat somewhere comfortable and out of reach of electronic distractions. Let your thoughts cycle through until they settle. If there are any ideas or thoughts that insist on persisting, write them down on a notebook. Enjoy the respite from the constant forward motion of our overfull lives. At the end, grab a nice cup of coffee to jolt you back to reality (sorry, it has to happen …) take a look at what you have on the notebook. If there is something there, take a minute and go deeper — bring it out in a sketch of a paragraph or two. If you have nothing on the notebook, you can at least enjoy the brief moment of contemplation.

Stay writing, my friends!

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