#WriteFridays Exercise 22

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and a few friends had posted about a firm that is developing an “augmented reality” game that shows monsters in your house. Apparently your phone takes a map of your house, and then the game shows you what may be lurking in the shadows.

It took less than a fraction of a second to think of all the places this game could go, and all the myriad of horror movie endings that the twists and turns could bring. Because, you know, Night Terrors. Which brings me to…

Exercise 22: What evil lurks in the heart of your phone… Is it The Shadow? Is it your little brother playing a trick on you? Is it a digital ghost given corporeal form through an ill-advised game to wreak havoc and pursue vengeance on the non-virtual world?

Sketch a quick scene in this sequence. It could be from the beginning (the decision to play the game), the middle (is something going wrong? I think something’s going wrong! SCREAMING!!), or the end (things went horribly, horribly wrong–call the Winchesters!)

As always, when you’re done, feel free to post your results or link in the comments. 😀

If this is what's lurking in my garden, I frankly don't WANT to see what creepy sh*'s hanging out in my hallway...

If this is what’s lurking in my garden, I frankly don’t WANT to see what creepy sh*’s hanging out in my hallway…

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