10 Gifts to Get a Writer for Valentine’s Day

But actually just my Amazon wish list…

Let me back up.

When New Year’s Eve rolled around and January 1, 2023 showed up (way too early, given that we went to bed around 3:30 a.m.), I set the intention that I would exercise some restraint in my online purchasing habits. Anything I needed, I would try to buy locally, and if it were something other than groceries or household items, such as books or art or craft supplies, I would do my best to purchase it from a small business, such as a vendor at a Con or an artist’s online website. And, up until now, I’ve been doing pretty good. I did buy my fancy new Blue Yeti mic from Amazon (which, by the way, has been wonderful when recording for the On the Shelf podcast), but that’s about it.

Still, as the weeks pass, my mercenary little heart misses the little thump and notification of delivery, and then the opening of the package, the perusal of the items, and the capitalist acquisition of stuff. Yes, I realize there is a reason that I needed to set the intention of not actually purchasing things, in part because I do believe that buying local and buying small helps contribute to sustainable economics and the environment AND we are moving this year and don’t need to be accumulating more STUFF, AND we could be saving money for things like experiences that will be in time more valuable than a few trinkets.

And yet… I gotta say, I stopped by Amazon to look up a prior purchase, and suddenly, there I was happily window shopping along. So, since I have absolutely NO willpower, I’m going to share with you the list of 10 things I found that would be great gifts. For the writer in your life. And, if you’re my spouse reading this, that writer is me. (Not so subtle hint. 😀 )

10 Gifts to Make Your Writer Happy

Okay, so if you love language is giving gifts, and you know a writer whose love language is receiving gifts, take a look at this list and let me know what you think! Let’s get started…

  1. Coffee/Tea mugs! Um… this is kind of a no-brainer. Also, potentially a cliché. (Oh no…no…that’s definitely cliché…) Whatever, I’m going to embrace the basic! So, first, I’m a sucker for a witty coffee mug. Probably because I myself am not witty until after coffee. So my mug has got to do some heavy lifting. I’ve got my eye on three mugs, actually, one writing-focused, one reading-focused, and one, not so much. The writing mug is super cute. It’s black with pink and blue writing and it says: “Pay no attention to my browsing history, I’m a writer not a serial killer.” Which, if you ask me, is exactly what a serial killer would say.

The reading one has been incredibly hard to resist, because it would be PERFECT to go along with a cup of tea while I’m reading the books I’m going to review that week on the podcast. It’s white, with a graphic of a stack of books and next to it the text: Yes, I really do need all these books. Which is the answer to a question my spouse asks over and over and over, and honestly, I’m tempted right now to just go buy the mug and the heck with my no-buying intention.

And finally, there is a mug here that I’m super tempted to get for two reasons. One, I love flamingoes. Two, I HAD a lovely flamingo mug that I lost when our RV trailer got stolen out of the storage facility parking lot. (I’m still super mad about that.) After the shock of the loss, we started tallying up all the stuff that had been in there–pots and pans that we got for our wedding, some other personal items, and…my flamingo coffee mug that I’ve sipped coffee out of all across the country. I found the perfect replacement, and yes, I am having a hard time continuing to practice self-control. It’s so pretty!!

2. In somewhat less of a writer stereotype, but very on brand for me personally, the next thing that would be a perfect Valentine’s gift is a new crossbody bag, in particular, THIS crossbody bag.

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. I’ve been searching for a good bag to carry around with me at conventions. I usually throw on my pink backpack that is easy to pack and has a few pockets so that I can separate things out. But, I need something better. This bag is perfect for holding my phone, an external charger, my Square device for taking payments, as well as my wallet, a notebook, a Kindle, a book and an assortment of pens. And, the crossbody function with the top zipper is my preferred way to carry all those things.

It’s also good because when I DO have the backpack with me, I tend to fill it all the way up with just…stuff…and it helps me streamline my life to have something compact and yet portable and utilitarian, such as this bag. In fact, the only quibble I have is that it doesn’t come in pink. (And I don’t know about that pompom…) Although, red is very on brand for the Crone Girls Press signage.

3. CANDY!!! Candy candy candy!! Did you know they have Valentine’s-themed candy corn? They do. Do you know what’s my favorite candy after Tootsie Rolls? Yes, candy corn. (You can take your whole “they tastes like wax” BS waaaaaaaayyyyy over there. This is MY gift list. And I like candy corn.)

4. I was a little back and forth on this next item, because I have purchased a similar product before, and it didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. However, I am in love with this pink steampunk keyboard and mouse. I love the color, I love the silver accents, I love the whole aesthetic. (And, it would match my microphone!)

Also, I love typing on a full-sized keyboard, especially one that makes the little clackety-clackety-clackety sounds as I go. It’s ergonomic and provides it’s own ASMR as you go! I’ve had my eye on it for a while now, but haven’t been able to justify pulling the trigger on a $62 purchase when I have a perfectly functional keyboard and mouse already. Still, this is a WISH list, so I’m going to put it out there. As a wish. 😀

5. If I’m going to continue to confess all the ways in which I fit the stereotype of Ye Olde Basic Wryter (TM), I will also have to confess that I have a cat and I like refrigerator poetry, which makes this magnetic poetry kit the perfect gift to wrap up with the chocolates, or perch precariously amidst the bouquet:

Just saying….

6. The next gift on the list is a bit more practical. It is a pink bullet journal, 192 pages, dotted lines, and with a lovely elastic band closure and of course a ribbon bookmark–which always makes me feel like I’m writing down esoteric knowledge and someday my grandkids might go hunting for treasure or spooky monsters with the notes contained within. Actually, all that’s inside are scribbled down notes for story ideas, mundane bits of to-do lists and in-progress song lyrics, and notes from panels at Cons or discussions with other writers. And really, I’ve got so many notebooks still to write my way through that, again, I couldn’t really spend even ten bucks on this one…but it’s pink. And it’s a proper bullet journal (which is a system that really seems to work for me of all the ones I’ve tried.) Of course, if you’re going to get a pink notebook, might as well grab some of my favorite gel ink pens…in pink. 😉

7. Would it be a writer’s gift list if there weren’t at least ONE craft book on it? (It would not be my gift list, that’s for sure.) Okay, so I already have Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels by Gwen Hayes, so that’s not technically on my wish list. However, Irresistible Blurbs: How to Write a Book Description Romance Readers Will Love by Siri Caldwell is now on that list. This is not as strange as it sounds for someone who spends most of their time happily swimming the horror, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy waters. I’ve had a couple of titles published under my Becca A. Miles romance pen name, and am working (slowly, behind the scenes) on a PNR romantic suspense series that I’ll be publishing under that pen name (but displayed as Rachel A. Brune writing as BECCA A. MILES, because frankly, I don’t have the bandwidth to maintain two different pen name personas in my social media marketing…) Speaking of which, Like, Love Follow: The Entreprenista’s Guide to Using Social Media to Grow Your Business by Courtney Spitzer and Stephanie Abrams actually WAS a gift from my spouse, one that I’m currently reading through and enjoying very much. So that one goes on the list as well.

8. Here is where my inner hedonist lazily lifts up and shows its languorous face. I love big, cuddly, snuggly, soft blankets, and I cannot lie. It can get cold down here in the basement office, and although I already have one blanket, I think that I would REALLY love SECOND BLANKET.

9. And also socks. With flamingoes. Because my feet also like to be snuggly!

10. Finally, something totally ridiculous and awesome.

Do I NEED a pink retro electric kettle? No. I already have an electric kettle, and it heats the water to a selection of different temperatures. Do I need a mini kettle? No, I drink far too much tea to want a miniature-sized version. Does the brand name “SMEG” sound vaguely dirty? Yes, yes it does.

And, would this be the cutest little kettle to set up on my workstation along with a small selection of teas from Tea & Absinthe and my flamingo mug as I wrote, edited, or produced my latest project? YES, YES IT WOULD. Again, it’s a wish list, not an “everything should make sense and conform to my desire to be non-cluttery” list. We’re writers. We don’t even have that latter list.

Oh no, my tea is gone…

Why is my tea always gone? It’s about time for me to brew up another cup of herbal tea (greens and herbals are my favorite afternoon beverage) and wrap up some tasks before I head out to pick up my kiddos from school and take them to their afternoon activities. Hope you enjoyed the ideas for Valentine’s gifts for writers in the list above! And if you have something to add to it, let me know. I love window shopping for my wish list.


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