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I am happy to announce that Boroughs Publishing Group has picked up my romantic suspense novella, Negotiating Her Release! Many thanks to Boroughs, as well as to Emmy Curtis, who was my mentor and kick in the pants while writing. Stay tuned, and I’ll be sharing more information and, of course, cover pics and more. You can also sign up on their Web site to review ARCs as well as get the latest info from them.

So, phew … that was cool! Now, I’m headed into the pre-release marketing, spreading the word, editing, and also writing the next novella in the series, so things are a little hectic.

Bonus Announcement! And not only that … our expected arrival showed up exactly a week early. Baby Jennifer decided that she was done hanging out, giving her mom heartburn, and so the day (actually night) after Valentine’s Day, dear hubby was driving exactly the speed limit to Womack Army Medical Center, where Baby J showed up after a qui16836059_10158181975435363_4915682667791615169_ock two and a half hour labor.

So … actual baby AND book baby. There are lots of things going on in the crazy world that is my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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