Birthday Month Sale!

“I’m going to do the story either way,” said Mark. “But if I’m going to get anywhere, I need your help.”

“Every time I help you, I end up in front of a camera or in the hospital,” said Mark.

Mark is a cub reporter looking for his big break. Scott is a New York City cop, trying to fit back into his life after a tour of duty in the Middle East. They’re about to discover a plot that will bring the city to its knees.

~ ~ ~

It’s March, which means my birthday is coming soon, so I am having a sale! I’ve got five signed, softcover copies of Soft Target available … for the price of the Kindle version. That’s right. The first five readers to reserve their birthday copies will pay $2.99 (plus shipping) for a book readers are calling “…a terrific, fast-paced read…” (Amazon reviewer) and “A must read for anyone interested in suspenseful thrillers.” (TnT Reviews)

But wait, how can one take advantage of this offer? Glad you asked. Email me at infamous_scribbler -at- Yahoo! Payments accepted via check and PayPal (preferred).

Reserve your copy today!

Reserve your copy today!

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