Finding the Flow

Looking back, most of my first posts of the New Year have basically turned into a laundry list of what I’m planning to do, which usually turns into a list of what doesn’t get done because I’m a chronic overscheduler. So, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I’m going to focus on what I’m doing today, which is sitting in the office I’ve taken over from my spouse now that his graduate degree coursework has concluded. I have a chair that is the right height, space for my work tablet and my writing laptop to spread out, a nice hot cup of tea, my large, laminated visual reminder of what each day should bring (blog posts, Patreon posts, 5 Promotion Actions, my to-do list), and my email open to the submissions that made it to the second round of the Crone Girls Press 2020 anthologies. I’ll be making a lot of hard choices soon, because we have received so many high-quality stories that honestly I wish I could publish everything (but won’t because that’s sooooo not in our budget.)

Even this post is trying to turn into a “But Here Are All the Things I’m Really Going to Do In the Near Future” type of situation. Ha! What does this say about me? (No, really don’t answer that question…) I’m going to shy away from a “to-do” and instead, post a link to the CGP Advance Reader Copy crew. This is a task I’ve actually done — set up an opportunity for horror readers to check out our new releases before they’re even published, in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads or Amazon. If horror is your thing, check us out!

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