New mic, that’s who…

In answer to the question, of course, “New mic, who dis?” Here, let me show you:

photo of a pink microphone with the logo "blue" and in the background, a computer with a graphic for the On the shelf podcast

I was reading Podcasting Made Simple by Daniel Larson to learn some ways to approach developing, producing, and promoting a show, and in that book, they (the author is a pen name for two podcasters) recommend the Blue Yeti Mic. It’s a pretty reasonably-priced condenser mic, with a bunch of effects (that I probably won’t use), and when I posted it on my Facebook, a number of people chimed in with how much they like it.

So…of course I ignored all my adult responsibilities and immediately broke it out for a test run. Safe to say, I love it. I sound SO much better, although I should still probably invest in a angled-arm stand for the desk, as well as a pop filter. I also was intrigued to see that it has a four mic directional settings. In addition to podcasting, I could also use this to record myself playing music and singing. And I do have a bunch of songs that I haven’t recorded that I could put together…

Anyway, I am going to force myself to get back to editing, but if you have been listening to On the Shelf and you suddenly think, hey, Rachel suddenly sounds way better and more professional, well, this is the reason why.


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