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Lately I’ve found myself wondering why it’s been so hard to put words on paper. Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest thing to do at the best of times. But lately, I can’t do any work unless I take myself out of the house and go hole up in a cafe, sandwich shop, understanding friend’s kitchen table…

I think part of my problem is the fact that there are so many demands on my time. These are mostly self-inflicted. I’m a Pisces—I like to do many things. But really, it comes down to a matter of prioritizing.

When I leave the house (which usually involves dressing or changing after work), and take the time to go someplace, set up my laptop, and buy a tasty yet caffeine-free beverage (it is usually the evening, after all), it means that I’m prioritizing what I came there to do (write). And so, I usually do it. Especially if I meet others and we can get ourselves writing … much like workout buddies, only with a word count.

It also helps that I’ve given myself permission to neglect certain things (dishes, and one or two hobbies) in order to finish a particular work in progress. And that is the hardest thing—looking around and telling myself not to feel guilty about not doing a, b, or c, because really there are only so many hours in a day, and you need to do the things that fit your long-term plan to someday be a full-time writer.

Anyway, on that topic, I do have some pretty cool news, but can’t release it just yet. Stay tuned, there are some more reviews and interviews coming up, and sooner or later I’ll find a point around here and make it…


Oh yeah…here’s a picture of a Basset hound.

Our foster Basset, Jango, waiting for me to stop typing and rub his belly. Such a handsome guy!

Our foster Basset, Jango, waiting for me to stop typing and rub his belly. Such a handsome guy!

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