Something “Twisted” this way comes…

At least I hope. As you may know, I am a fan of T Publications and the work of Neil James Gibson, from my post-Dragon*Con interview to my review of Twisted Dark #4. Found some exciting news in my inbox the other day — the creative team behind Twisted Dark and Tabatha and a bunch of other awesome stuff is doing a Kickstarter to raise money for a new line of graphic novels.

The Bloody Man cometh... (Courtesy of TPub).

The Bloody Man cometh… (Courtesy of TPub).

The Kickstarter project will launch a supernatural horror line entitled: “Tortured Life.” But don’t take my word that it’s awesome. Or rather, DO take my word and click on the Kickstarter link (<— that’s the link) to check out the concept, the pledge levels and rewards, character sketches, and even a sample of the comic. Do us all a favor (and me, particularly me) and dig up a few bucks — or pounds, it IS a British-based company — or at the least click and share with like-minded friends. I would really like to have Tortured Life hanging out on my bookshelf next to Twisted Dark and Tabatha. Thanks!


From the site:

The Concept

Tortured Life is a 6 issue Miniseries / Graphic Novel about an everyday guy calledRichard Carter who has the supernatural power of seeing how people are going to die.  At first, Richard tried to help people – thinking his gift was something that would allow him to save lives.  Unfortunately for Richard this was not the case; he was destined to watch those around him die, powerless to stop fate from playing out it’s wicked hand.  As a result of this, Richard now lives a life of solitude – hiding himself away from his fellow man, desperate to stop the visions that plague him every time he looks at anyone.

Unbeknown to Richard, not long after his power first manifested, so too did an otherworldly creature known as The Bloody Man – an assassin from the netherworld.  A creature half living, half dead, in the servitude of an Illuminati-like group known only as The Order.  A monster with one mission:

Kill Richard Carter.”

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