The editing has begun!

After a very short reading period for the Crone Girls Press anthology, I have begun sending out edits and contracts for the authors whose stories will make up our first slender volume. I’m pretty happy with the quality of stories I received. It made for an enjoyable reading experience (although given that it’s a horror anthology, I’m still somewhat emotionally scarred), and an even more enjoyable editing experience.

I’ve got a few thoughts on how I’m going to do things next year. (Did I say next year? Yep, I think I’m going to do this again. But with a more extended reading period…) I’m going to save those thoughts until I finish with at least the editing process. I’m shortly going to be adding a web page for CGP, which will include info about this year’s anthology, and how to submit for next year’s, as well as some local style guidelines, submission guidelines, and themes for the next few years. (Yes, I’m thinking that far ahead.)

One of the things that doing this anthology has reinforced for me is how much I enjoy the process of working with authors to help them improve their craft. After this month, I will be opening back up for freelance editing and coaching clients, looking for authors I can help get from idea to first draft to final draft to query.

Anyway, me writing about it online isn’t going to help make this publication a reality … so … back to the folder of stories I go! Stay tuned for more news …

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