There’s nothing like a migraine…

…to scatter all my concentration to the wind and make me wish that my favorite things to do didn’t involve looking at screens or pages or anything other than closing my eyes and laying down in a darkened room.

But, since I’m a glutton for punishment, I actually managed to get things done today. Even with a glittery disco ball of agony throbbing over my right eye.

First and foremost, I finished up editing an anthology that I put together for Coming Together. This was my first time on the other side of the submissions chair, and let me tell you, I now know not simply intellectually but deeply and emotionally why anthologies and magazines have such strict format and submission guidelines. That was a lot of work. Fun work. But work nonetheless. The soon-to-be-published ebook is now winging its way to the publisher, and should be out November 11.

I have been thinking about setting up another page under “Short Stories,” and calling it “Tip Jar.” What I’m thinking about doing is making it a page of free content – stuff like poems, songs, short stories, that I would present in eclectic order. If you like it, then you could drop a couple dimes in the “Tip Jar.” If not, you could roll along to another dusty corner of the Internet, no harm, no foul.

Another new project—well, not a project so much as an undertaking—I have sent my first short story to the Kindle Single submission process. I don’t want to necessarily just self-publish, as the Kindle Singles have their own category and a little more cachet than me just throwing it out to the world. But again, I have all these stories that well up in me, and I keep getting the same refrain: “Great work, but it just doesn’t fit.” So, what I’m thinking, is that if I get a story like that and it’s over 5K, I’ll try and throw it to the Kindle Single and see if I can build up enough to have a page dedicated to my offerings there. Anything shorter, and I’ll hang it up on the Tip Jar stage for your enjoyment.

Other than that, not much news going on. I’m counting the days, practicing my languages, prepping for NaNoWriMo, and waiting for the migraine meds to kick in. I hope this post makes sense. Right now the world looks a little refracted.

Anyway, this is your Infamous Scribbler, signing off. Peace!

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