Things happened…

I thought I would be back up to speed by now but … well … things happened. Suffice it to say, I have been going full speed ahead in a variety of directions, but am slowly pulling in the lines and getting back on course. A few things are going on…

1. This Friday shall see the return of the #WriteFridays writing exercises. As always, please check in to read the exercise, write an excerpt, and then share. Feel free to link in the comments.

2. Pen Sword Press was the winner for the “Name That Literary Magazine Contest.” I had a great conversation today with Lia Rees of about the design and set-up of the Web site and magazine. It’s looking like we are going to be literary with a side of dieselpunk for this venture, which suits my aesthetic perfectly. I recommend Lia to anyone who needs some design work done–she is awesome!

3. And … back to writing! Steel-Toed Blues isn’t going to write itself. Nor is the sequel to Cold Run. So, it is back to the writing grindstone for me!

Hope all you lovely people are doing well this evening. And here is a picture of the pups to make you feel all cuddly. Peace!

Brandy and Captain say hello from beside the might Delaware!

Brandy and Captain say hello from beside the might Delaware!

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