#WriteFridays the 25th!

I love milestones! And Writing Exercise 25 is, sort of, a milestone. I mean, 25 is a nice round number, even if it is odd, right?

Right? Anyone? Bueller … Bueller … ?

Okay … so before I get any more weird looks, let’s head into that exercise.

Writing Exercise 25: Your character reaches a … surprise … milestone. What is that milestone? If it’s a coming of age story, maybe it’s a birthday. If he or she is a serial killer, maybe it’s number of dead bodies. If she’s a Girl Scout, maybe it’s a number of cookies sold. The possibilities are endless (and milestones are good for the ol’ plot turning points. Sketch a quick episode detailing the milestone, the character’s reaction — and what comes about with that milestone might be surprising or unexpected to your character.

Write on, my friends!

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